About us
About us


Firm "L-auto" is founded in 2000 on the base of firm "Lu & Lu"

basic directions activity

  •     Rental of passenger cars
  •     Rental of motor scooters
  •     Rental of trailers
  •     International motor-car transportations (transporting 8-9 machines from Europe)
  •     Services of car-care center are repair of transport vehicles
  •     Trading in new and used spare parts

Do you wish fine to spend time, but a car is needed?
Is there nothing to drive a load?
Do you wish to take a car on a rental?
you do not have a motor scooter, they to you and not needed, take on a rental.
you appealed on a necessary page.

We wish to give you the services in the rental of automobile and freight auto.

If wish additional comfort, offer to you to choose services of driver.

We offer the rental of different brands of freight and automobile auto.
Our prices are accessible and we guarantee the personal going near every client.

We thank you, that glanced on our page.
Your L-auto


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